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It's me

Assalamualaikum wr. wb

    Hi! my name is Rd Elviana la'salina M, but you can call me elvi I'm from garut but now I live in Bandung in my grandmother house at Jalan sekejati 3 no 11 because i'm studying in sman 3 bandung . I was born in garut at 05th of may 2003, but i spend my childhood in bekasi because my family moves from garut to Bekasi when i was child and back to garut when I was in 4th grade.

    I have a little brother his name is shafwal now he is in elementary school he is not a good brother because sometimes he disturbs me and very naughty, but now I miss him because we have not met nearly two weeks.and there is not disturb me again.

    I live in Bandung with my grandmother and my mother because sometimes my mother in Bandung but sometimes she back to mother works in Bandung. she is BUMN employed, she works in pt pos Indonesia . My hobbies are sleep, read a book, listen to music , and eat. my favorite subject is science but I like math too.

    I like…